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    Welcome to Musical Nexus, and thank you for joining our new and growing Anime & Video Game Soundtrack Community.
    About Us
    Musical Nexus is part of the Crystal Nexus network of websites, and aim to be your first choice when searching for a Anime or Video Game Soundtrack. You can request music, and donate as well for various packages which allow us to use these funds to import more music from Japan and various countries.

    - All music is uploaded at the highest quality we are able to rip.
    - You can stream (listen) to all of the songs unlimited as a registered member (free!)
    - You can stream from a smartphone and tablet!
    - You can create multiple personal favorites playlists
    - You can review albums, and comment on tracks.
    - We do not spam ads, or annoying pop up content!
    - We will be enabling individual track downloads, and full album downloads in the future.

    There is more to the community itself, however the above highlights are related to the listening portion of the website. We have a queue we are already working off of, however definitely feel free to request in our forums if you are looking for specific soundtrack. We will use our various sources to see if we can find it for you, If you want an even better chance at success try one of the donation packages. This gives us the funds to import any albums we may need for your request. If we can not obtain it, we will issue you a refund or you can request a different album.
    We do not aim to make a profit off of this site, we merely want to share the joy of these Video Game and Anime soundtracks! All money is used either towards server costs, or for importing new albums from Japan! We do keep a running DMCA blacklist in both sections, if a publisher or rights holder asks us to remove the content we will. Once content has been added to the blacklist it can not come back on our servers itself, We may have alternative sources it can be found at sometimes. And of course, it can always be bought legally.